Insurance and financial intermediary


Services and insurance for individuals and their families.



Proposal of insurance coverage for companies.



Protection for self-employed and compulsory insurance in Switzerland.


Who is GFS Switzerland?

Years of experience

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Areas of expertise

The insurance and pension intermediary for private individuals, self-employed persons and companies

Since 2012, our clients have been receiving tailored advice related to risk management, insurance and pension.

In order to meet their specific requirements, GFS strives to constantly innovate by designing customized contracts adapted to their needs.

A complete expertise in risk management

In recent years, the economy has undergone a real upheaval. Our society is becoming more and more complex, and it is difficult to assess our risks and choose the insurance solutions that will offer us the best protection.

As a result, this represents new challenges and constraints for individuals and businesses.

Faced with this situation, GFS has specialized in the field of risk management to offer comprehensive advice to companies and individuals.

A unique intermediary at your side.

Independent from insurance companies, General Financial Services selects from the market the offers best adapted to the specificities of its customers.

Whatever their problems, claims or questions, with GFS our clients have only one contact.

Our team is composed of professionals ready to advise them in a responsible and ethical manner.

Our partners

Our advantages


Our clients are accompanied on a regular basis. They are never alone. Whatever their objectives or problems, GFS is at their side.

Comprehensive advice

Whatever their requests, our clients are guided by people who know the subject and take the time to explain complex areas.

Customized contracts

GFS works with all the major insurance companies, allowing our clients to obtain the most suitable offers for their needs at all times.

We simplify your administrative work

GFS is constantly innovating by designing tailor-made contracts to meet specific requirements


1. Review of needs


2. Situation and risk analysis

3. Customized solutions

4. Insurance portfolio and administrative discharge

5. Ongoing monitoring and support

GFS is particularly attentive to the satisfaction of its clients, which allows it to work on the basis
of a network marketing. Therefore, it is our clients who will know best what we can do.

Much more than insurance brokerage, discover our 4 pillars

Centralized management of all your needs


Establishment of offers


Contractual management

Administrative management (personal changes, deadlines)
Contractual conditions & correspondence



Insurance inventory


Claims management

Analysis of situations & advice
Assistance with claims reporting
Claims follow-up


Frequently asked questions

What exactly does GFS do?

GFS helps individuals, self-employed people and companies to obtain the best insurance coverage at the most preferential price and ensuring the best service. GFS simplifies the administrative management of its clients' insurance needs.

What type of contract do you offer?

GFS strives to develop customized solutions and contracts to ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever contract we offer you, it will always be for the shortest period of time.

Do you have an insurance policy?

We are not tied to any insurance. All the advice we provide is based solely on your needs. We provide you with comparisons that fit what you want.

Sébastien Baumgartner

Insurance specialist with federal patent

"Availability as well as quality is not an exception but a standard within GFS"

Andreas Gridling

Insurance specialist with federal patent

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