You are self-employed and wish to subscribe to an insurance for your activity?

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Self-employed insurance

As a self-employed person, it's not always easy to sort out mandatory and optional insurance. What happens if you get sick and can't work? Or if your client does not pay you?
With the advice of GFS Assurances, our clients can be sure that they have the best coverage for their self-employed activity, whatever their situation.

Do you have the right coverage as an independent?

GFS takes care of selecting the most appropriate coverage for its clients' needs. Our expertise in the insurance market is a considerable asset when estimating offers.

Civil liability

Liability insurance covers damage you may cause to others.

Legal protection

Legal protection insurance covers you in case of disputes with third parties.

Loss of earnings insurance

The loss of earnings insurance offers you financial security in case of incapacity to work.

Accident insurance LAA

Accident insurance protects you in the event of occupational or non-occupational accidents or illnesses related to your professional activity. LAA Memento

Individual pension plan

A 3rd pillar is recommended in order to build up a retirement capital and to protect yourself against the risks of disability and death.